Web writing: how to create a profitable website

I have been creating websites for years. I see them as investments. All of these sites make money, and as they continue to generate income, their value increases.
Today, it is ridiculously easy to create a site. All you need is an idea, a domain name, and WordPress. Let’s see how you can create a site that makes money, in half an hour or less.
1. Find a need, find a market

Everybody has needs. If you can help the public meet their needs, your website will generate income.
Think about your own needs right now, today. Make a list of that. Try walking around your house and yard to shake your memory.
Just looking around my office, I can see several needs: a new stand for my iPad, so I can  make money online comfortably use it at eye level along with my computer monitors, another reading lamp, and some extra shelving.
If I walk into the kitchen, I realize that I desperately need a new coffee maker and a new food processor. Why do appliances stop working right after the warranty runs out? In a minute or two, I have generated a list of my current needs and was able to create a website focused on any of them.
2. Who is filling that need right now?
I have decided that I will create a site about iPad stands. The tablet market is booming and I am using my iPad in a way I never expected. For example, I am currently shooting some videos for a client and using my iPad as a teleprompter. Who would say that they would be able to do that?
If I spend ten minutes browsing the web, I’ll soon see who’s talking about iPad media and who’s selling it.
3. With a domain name and WordPress, the world is your oyster

Once I’ve done that initial research, I’ll give the market a little more thought and do some more research. I have a feeling that I will be targeting business users of the iPad and other tablets. The consumer market is fickle, but the business market is growing rapidly.
Once I have narrowed down my specific audience, I just need to buy a domain name and set it up in my hosting account. It will take me a couple of minutes to install WordPress and I’m done – my new money-making website has been created.
Try it yourself. Find a need, yours or someone else’s, do some research and create a site. You can add content to the site and sell it immediately for several hundred dollars, or you can wait until the sites are profitable and sell it for much more.
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